Haas Products

Haas Automation was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of CNC machines. and various accessories (CNC Machines and Accessories) at world class level in 1987

Omax Products

Abrasive Waterjet is one of the most powerful and capable cutting tools available. Because it can cut many types of materials without generating heat while cutting materials This prevents any warping of the material. and the material still retains its original properties In addition, the cutting thickness Capable of cutting metal up to 300 millimeters, many manufacturers choose Abrasive Waterjet as their main cutting machine in production. Waterjet cutting machines under the OMAX brand were established in 1993.

Aiolos Products

Ensure the optimal performance of your machinery with our Oil Mist Collectors & Air Cleaner. Rest assured with high-efficiency HEPA filters capable of capturing particles smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5). Our cutting-edge technology provides confidence in filtering pollutants, taking comprehensive care of and safeguarding your machinery. Explore more in our catalog for detailed information.


Robots work together safely with humans.

Cobots are designed to work together with humans.

safely There is no need for a safety fence.

Thanks to cobot collision detection

This comes from the torque feedback module itself.

Can selectively detect even the lightest impact

To make the cobot stop working and avoid danger.

3D Printer Products

Large-scale industrial 3D printer with robust structure, durable components, and easy maintenance. Capable of continuous printing for extended periods, ensuring high stability. Offers precise scaling and printing on all planes. Rapid printing speed of up to 300 millimeters per second. Comes with pre-installed Slicer software and a 1-year warranty with free onsite service and complete spare parts.

Used Machines Products

A second-hand machine that has been inspected and refurbished by the teams at Haas Factory Outlet and Omax. Utilizes genuine factory parts and comes with a certificate guaranteeing its accuracy and reliability.

Abrasive Garnet Products

Our Garnet Abrasive sand has undergone excellent quality inspection and testing. This ensures cleanliness and very little dust. High cutting precision

Mc Cool Products

about Machine Tech about Machine Tech
Machine Tech Co., Ltd. is an importer and distributor of CNC machines (Machining Centers) and associated equipment such as Rotary & Indexers and Tooling from the Haas brand from United States. The company also supplies Water Jet cutting machines under the Omax and Maxiem brands, 3D printers brand Dome 3D Printer and Aiolos Mist Collectors to eliminate coolant mist for better health and environmental conditions for those who working with machinery. Additionally, we also have an after-sales service team with complete spare parts to training, maintenance, and machine repair. The company offers expert advice from experienced staff who have been officially trained and certified directly by the machinery manufacturers.
about Machine Tech

Service benefit

We provide after-sales service for you and are here to help in various matters. To give you peace of mind that we care about every process of the service.

Machine Tech Service benefit
Training Service are available to customers
Machine Tech Service benefit
Service teaching how to use machine for customers
Machine Tech Service benefit
Team available to help with maintenance on machinery
Machine Tech Service benefit
Threr is ateam ready to giveadvice in every aspect


MACHINE TECH COMPANY LIMITED is a distributor and service provider for HAAS brand CNC machines from the United States. Solely in Thailand Which has now operated for 30 years, selling and installing more than 2,000 HAAS machines, covering every region of Thailand, along with a service team that is skilled and experienced,